Artsy Websy is a gallery for my digital artworks, photography, and web designs. It is linked closely with Apwebs website which currently hosts my web design/development works and portfolio.

Artsy Websy and Apwebs complement each other. They are both of my platforms for my passions and business in web design/development and digital art.

Artsy Websy website was designed and developed very recently, ie. early March 2020, while Apwebs website was initially designed and developed in mid 2019, ie. during my Web-based Technologies study.

Apart from being used as platforms for my web design/development and digital art business, I also aim to give, as much as possible, a pleasant and enjoyable experience for customers and users who come to visit Artsy Websy and Apwebs websites.

Please note that, unless stated otherwise, I own the copyright of ALL photos and images on both websites.

Please give me a call/send a message (SMS) or send an email if you are interested in any of the images on this website or you want to get a website done for you.

my profile photo Aminah Puhalovich
I am an engineer, a cartographer (GIS), a web designer/developer, an artist, a badminton player, a gardener, and most of all, I am a wife and a mother...
(Perth, June 2020)